All of our drinks are freshly made to order - just how you want them. 
We squeeze, blend and mix our ingredients to make our tasty selection of drinks, no concentrates,'s natural goodness all the way. 
Check out our current blends. We also offer a range of healthy grab and go snacks (availability varies) to accompany your drink so come and visit us today. 
Freshly squeezed juice from fruit and vegetables 
Also available in Kids size 
Kids 10oz - 280ml | Regular 12oz - 340ml | Large 16oz - 450ml 
Simply Orange  
Just orange juice 
Fresh Orange Juice Luton Healthy
Simply Apple  
Just apple juice (add ginger if you like) 
Simply Carrot 
Just carrot juice (add ginger if you like) 
Simply Pear 
Just pear juice  
Simply Watermelon 
Just watermelon juice 
Great Vibe 
Carrot and apple (add ginger if you like) 
Fresh Carrot Juice Milton Keynes energy
Apple, carrot, mint and lime 
Red Hot Rio 
Cherry, pineapple and apple 
Smashing Strawberry 
Strawberry and apple 
Cool Cocktail 
Pineapple, passion fruit, mango and orange 
Hawaiian Heaven 
Mango, apple, passion fruit and ginger 
Fruit watermelon fresh nutrition
Watermelon Twist 
Watermelon, apple, strawberry and passion fruit 
Going Green 
Pear, mint and lime 
Instant Vibe 
Orange, apple, pear and grapes 
Freshly blended with with fat-free frozen yoghurt 
Also available in Kids size 
Kids 10oz - 280ml | Regular 12oz - 340ml | Large 16oz - 450ml 
Breakfast Treat 
Mixed Berries, honey, granola, yoghurt and apple 
Morning Medley 
Granola, banana, yoghurt and milk 
Pineapple Delight 
Pineapple, banana, orange, yoghurt (tastes great with coconut) 
Strawberry Samba 
Strawberry, banana, orange and yoghurt 
Cherry Cha-Cha 
Cherry, banana, orange and yoghurt 
Mango Mambo 
Mango, orange and yoghurt (add strawberries if you like) 
Big Bang Blueberry 
Blueberry, banana, orange and yoghurt 
Peach Passion 
Peach, strawberry, banana, orange and yoghurt 
Berry Burst 
Mixed berries, orange and yoghurt 
Go Nuts 
Peanut butter, banana, orange, honey and yoghurt 
Banana Breeze 
Banana, honey milk and yoghurt 
Peach Paradise 
Peach, passion fruit, orange and yoghurt 
Ginseng, ginger, whey protein and more to give you energy! 
Regular 12oz - 340ml | Large 16oz - 450ml 
Fatigue Fighter 
Ginseng, ginger, lime, mango, orange and apple 
Brazilian Beach Body 
Acai, guarana, strawberry, apple and banana 
Workout Wonder 
Whey protein, banana, strawberry, orange and yoghurt 
Bug Buster 
Ginger, lime, orange, apple and echinacea 
Add a Vibe Boost to your drink to kick-start your day! 
Whey Protein 
Wheatgrass Powder 
Energy Boost 
Vitamin Boost 
Chia Seeds 
For a better, fresher YOU! 
Regular 12oz - 340ml 
Detox Delight - Freshly Squeezed Juice 
Celery, Cucumber, apple and grapes 
Lean Green - Freshly Squeezed Juice 
Spinach, celery, carrot, apple and grapes 
Green Lite - Freshly Blended Smoothie 
Spinach, mango, ginger, apple and yoghurt 
Super Spin - Freshly Blended Smoothie 
Flaxseed, spinach, blueberry, ginger, apple and yoghurt. 
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